Wondering if you guys have any experience with the plug

Wondering if you guys have any experience with the plug jquery website tour?


Am trying to get it setup, but it's crazy frustrating!

In particular, I can't tell what this "Do Not Show This Again" checkbox does... I click it, and the tour shows up again anyway?

Also, I can't tell if the tour is supposed to trigger automatically on visits to the target page, or if there needs to be some link to the custom tour page / anchor (a la http://buildgcdev.wpengine.com/test/#tour-3983)

Thanks very much!

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Benji,

    Hope you're doing well today! I haven't used that plugin myself; however, it sounds like that option should be hiding the tour for your next visit.

    A reason this might not be working is because of caching. Wpengine has pretty aggressive server side caching, so it might be caching the tour resulting in it showing up every time.

    If you ask the plugin developers support about this then they may already know of a solution :slight_smile: if that is the issue anyway.

    When I go directly to that link I just see a "Welcome to Grand Central Tech" page.


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