Wonky Directory Set up – not working properly

I’m having issues getting the directory to look like the photos from the screen shots. I can’t get the info about the listing to show up on the right side of the photo and unchecking “show social media icons” doesn’t work. The whole set up just looks a bit wonky. I had downloaded the plugin back in December and messed around with it and recently uninstalled it and added the updated version, but it kept all of my old settings and I can’t seem to delete them and don’t know if that has any effect on it.

Some of the words on the buttons are super tiny too and I don’t know if there is a way to make them larger? Such as the “Add Media” and “Insert into post”. Another small issue is that when you go through the sign up process it keeps taking you down to the bottom of the page. Not a huge deal but kinda annoying. I’ve tried going through the set up multiple times and don’t know why I can’t figure this out. Please help!

Thanks so much!


here is the site: ahandcraftedwedding.com

and a fake listing I was working on: