Woo-commerce order status change from pending to complete

Hi Guys,

Hope you can help with the below.

I have recently change my site (xsmokers.co.il) to use HTTPS protocol all over the site.
In one specific area I have a change in behavior between the HTTP protocol to the HTTPS
The scenario is:
1. Some data:
a. Using Woo-commerce for checkout
b. Using Cardcom plugin over Woocommerce for the payment API (Using IPN)
2. During the checkout process for specific item , I have a logic to change the role of the user (using " woocommerce_order_status_completed" hook)
3. According to this role different data is been displayed on the site in specific page
4. While using HTTP when I did the payment to cardcom , the response from cardcom changed the status of the order in WooCommerce to complete (and everything was fine).
But when I am using HTTPS the complete status is not immediately changed (only after a few minutes).
This cause the site to show incorrect data until the status of the payment is changing.
From the minimal logs I have seen I do not see any issue with the response from Cardcom and I cannot find where can I see any logs from Woocommerce to show an issue.
I was hoping maybe you have any idea what can cause this issue and how to try to fix it?

Thanks in advance,