Woocommerce accounts and lead capture

Guys, I need some help and I don't know where else to turn here.

Our current website is hosted on Shopify https://ruckscience.com. I'm in the process of moving over to WordPress and Woocommerce.

If you look at our current website's header, or any blog posts like this one https://ruckscience.com/blogs/learn/how-to-avoid-muscle-cramping-in-rugby-games you will notice that we have CTAs that link out to hosted Mailchimp forms like this one https://eepurl.com/cOPfxr.

This is the best method we have found for capturing leads as it requires only an email address to download the eBook. But it has the disadvantage of driving people away from our website and forcing them to go through the process of confirming their email address through Mailchimp. Also, this doesn't create an Account for the Lead in Shopify.

In addition, we also have all these eBooks in Shopify as products so that if someone does have an Account, they can download all our eBooks at once. Many many people take advantage of this function after they have created an Account.

Could you please recommend the best way to do the following using Woocommerce:

Create landing pages with download links for eBooks (PDFs) editable using Visual Composer
Only allow logged in users to see the actual file download links
For not-logged-in visitors, show a "create an account" form with just an email address or perhaps name and email at the most
Also have a link saying "login here to download" for visitors who do have an account
When a user either creates a new account or logs in using the appropriate form, display the download link inline without page refresh
Also display a link saying "see the full library" that takes the user to a page with ALL eBooks

Any advice on this would be most appreciated. I don't want to charge people money to view content. I just want them to submit an email and automatically create an account for them from this form.

Thanks very much!