Woocommerce add product url


on this site http://vrf.s159.upress.link

on homepage scroll all the way down and click on link as in image attached

the link is to http://vrf.s159.upress.link/cart/?add-to-cart=469quantity=1

now if a customer clicks here and then instead of immediately checking out decides to refresh or lets say they chose 3 in quantity and wants to change to 2 this doesnt work.

I hope you guys at WPMU DEV can please assist to solve this.


adding screen shot

  • Ofir
    • The Incredible Code Injector


    Thanks for the reply. One of our guys chnaged something in the url and it seems the previous issue has been solved (for logged in users only) but now there is a new issue.

    Attaching scren shot with translations of buttons.

    The issue it seems now is that when im logged in as admin the process works fine.

    homepage> scroll to bottom> click on left button (screenshot above)


    This is supposed to take me to cart page and have 1 of product in cart.

    As admin user works. In incoginto without being logged I am sent to empty cart page

    Hope you guys can figure what is going on


  • Ofir
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    I have granted access in my wpmudev dashboard with wp admin

    if I use this link it works also as (not logged in as admin)


    only then if I choose lets say 3 tickets(product) and click update cart it updates cart to 3. but if i want to change the 3 to lets say 2 tickets. and then click update cart it stays 3.

    If there is 3 and I insert 1 into quantity field and update cart it then turns to 2.

    I granted the access when openeing the ticket, Dont know why you cant access.

    Will do it again now.

    Can you access via support in dashboard or do you need admin login details ?


  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Ofir,

    Not sure why I was unable to see access before but I can see it now and I was able to access your site.

    I did couple of tests on my installation based on your setup and I’m afraid that exact same things are happening to me.

    Using quantity in URL (domain.com/cart/?add-to-cart=23quantity=1) will work only for logged in user and for visitor it needs to be without quantity attribute (domain.com/cart/?add-to-cart=23).

    The quantity seems to be related to “add-to-cart” attribute, because when you enter the number of products and update the cart it will actually use the current URL you’re on and because of that add additional product in cart.

    Basically when you change from 3 to 2 it will update the status but it will also fire up add-to-cart from URL and add one more item in cart.

    I did notice that this doesn’t happen each time but I’m afraid that I can’t explain why is that, it behaves same on my installation.

    I’m afraid that these issues coming are directly from Woocommerce code and you should get in touch with their support and report them these issues.

    Best regards,


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