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I'm just trying out a handful of your plugins and have come to the most important, what could be a Woocommerce alternative. I basically need to know if your MarketPress can do what our client needs - eventually what it can´t do.
On this site I have come quite far building an accommodation booking site using WP Toolset (from WPTypes.com) and Woocommerce (with Bookings and Accommodation bookings addons). It is not finished, and with the lousy WC support and their new pricing policies, I'd rather use some time achieving our goals eg with your solutions, if it can work.
I could probably find out via trial and error what is possible, but since I might overlook something, I'll rather ask, ok?

A couple of things to know:
- The site consists of two "parts": Stories about areas,trips and experiances - and a booking part for accommodation and trips/arrangements. (The first part will work fine as is.)
- Before people book, they will have been in direct contact with the company, so they will know when eg a house is free without that being reflected on the booking calendar.

Then, site visitors should be able to:
- Book a house or trip for specific date or period
- The correct total should be calculated automatically
- - ...also based on seasonal prices (the company must be able to set different prices for different periods)
- The customer should be able to apply discount coupon codes (or similar - to adjust prices according to individual wishes without having to include all details in the system...)
- They must be able to pay, at least via Paypal (well known and trusted here in Norway)
- Get a summary of their booking automatically via email (when payment is done)
(- A good thing would also be if its possible to have the payment stop/wait in the system for eg a week, so it is easier to just cancel the payment. Believe that´s a feature incorporated in Paypal...)
Puh... I think that is all

Houses: https://cpanel56.proisp.no/~labelmkj/house/
(The houses/accommodations linked from here only tells ABOUT the place)
Booking: https://cpanel56.proisp.no/~labelmkj/product/villa-ornello/
(We have made "parallel" product pages for each "house")


  • Nithin

    Hello Kjetil,

    Hope you are doing good today. :slight_smile:

    By default MarketPress plugin only offers ecommerce solution to add, and sell products. There isn't an out of the box solution in the plugin for booking features.

    However, MaketPress comes with Appointments+ plugin integration, with which you can offer your site visitors the feature of one-to-one booking system.

    Once both the plugins are configured, you can enable integration in the Appointments+ plugin, under Appointments > Settings > Add-ons , and activate the Appointments in product cart add-on.

    Once the integration is enabled, and Appointments+ plugin is configured, users can book for appointments via MarketPress plugin, with the option to create coupons, add payment gateways. Also, add prices per service, or service provider through Appoinments+ plugins.

    However, there isn't any out of the box setting in the plugin to make the payment stop/wait. It'll require custom coding to achieve it. Would recommend you to go through the plugins usage guide for the Appointments+ plugin to know more about it's configuration, so that you could have a better idea about it's settings.


    Please let us know if you need any further assistance, have a nice day ahead. :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

  • Kjetil

    Hi - I replied to your email a couple of days ago...

    Thanks for your thorough reply!
    Great, too, that you manage to do this even during a weekend :slight_smile:
    You gave me something to think about. As I understand you, what (or most of what) I asked about is achievable - but it may take quite some effort.
    I will have to try (which will take some time) and also discuss the possibilities with this client.

    It will probably be a question about costs, since this one site is the main reason I checked in - in addition to curiosity about plugins like Hummingbird and Smush. What you offer is impressive, and for the total it is really great value for money.
    But I do wish you also offered single plugin purchases. I run a part-time business with a handful customers not willing to pay so much e.g. for speed. Yet. I'll see if I can convince them :slight_smile:
    Anyway, thanks again!

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