Woocommerce and Theme Updating Problems


I suppose I have a two part question regarding how to update our theme and how to reconfigure the theme to work for google shopping. I’ll do my best to explain below but please feel free to reach out to me if any more clarification is required.

We currently cannot update our theme without causing all of the product listing pages to become spaced incorrectly and completely jumbled – which is what happens once we update the theme to the current version. We are using a child theme of MaxStore called TheStore. I have a feeling this is caused by custom modifications our freelance developer made so we could change the theme to better serve our needs. Originally, the theme was an “add to cart” or woocommerce friendly theme. For examle, we changed the “add to cart” button with “request a quote” along with other minor changes (hiding cart function, etc.) since we were not intending to be a e-commerce site. However, after several months we decided that we would like to get on google shopping and now require the theme be restored to it’s original functions so it will pass google’s certification as an e-commerce viable site.

How can I update the theme without boggling the website listings and how would it be best to configure the site to be fit for google shopping? Will I have to manually reconfigure the theme? Our main concern is to be able to do this without losing all of our current product listings.

Any help you can offer would be appreciated.

Thank you,