Woocommerce: changing prices


Don’t know if anyone can help me with this, but it never hurts to ask. :slight_smile:

I’m building a woocommerce webshop and I want to change the display of the prices.

All my products have regular and sale prices. But I want to hide the sale prices from all the pages and only show the regular prices.

So instead of seeing the regular price with a strikethrough and then the sale price, I want to display the regular price only. On all shop and product pages, widgets etc.

On the cart and checkout page, I still only want to display the regular prices, but total should be the amount calculated by the sale prices.

Perhaps display a regular total and a sale total or display an extra line that shows the total discount (difference between the total regular and sale prices).

I was told this could be achieved by using the woocommerce_get_price_html filter, but I’m no coder so I have no idea where to start or how to do this. Don’t even know what files to edit.

Anyone have a clue? Would be much appreciated.