Woocommerce "Follow-up Emails" plugin posts & settings not cloning

I am cloning a site with woocommerce and the woothemes "Follow-up Emails" . The content from this plugin isn't getting cloned into the new site.

It appears Follow-up Emails uses custom post types to hold its information. I got the post ID of one of the emails, dumped the posts tables as csv and can confirm the new site is missing this row.

"10382","49","2017-01-13 18:25:18","2017-01-13 18:25:18","Uh-oh...the COMPANY is at your service for only three more months! Itâs time to schedule your annual exam so your xxxxx can re-enroll you for another year of The COMPANY. Because who wouldnât want another year of easy xxxxxxx delivery?!

Contact your xxxxxx provider today - we can't wait to continue to be at your service!","The Company","It's getting to be time to schedule your next appointment","fue-active","closed","closed",,"the-company",,,"2017-01-13 18:58:51","2017-01-13 18:58:51",,"0","http://demo1.xxxxxxxxx.com/?post_type=follow_up_email&p=10382","0","follow_up_email",,"0"

Help? Thanks!