[WooCommerce] How to remove the shipping info (only) from WooCommerce email notifications?


We have a smallish problem that is more complicated (to us) than it should be.

– We have a WPMU that has WooCommerce.

– All sites share the same theme + child theme.

– All sites share the same functions.php, but this one is subdivided (switch) into separate inc.function.php, so we can edit these without affecting all sites at the same time.

We’re trying to remove the shipping information (not the billing information) from the notification email without creating a new template file in the child theme because it would affect all sites at the same time. Does anybody know if this can be achieved using functions.php only?

See attached file: https://prnt.sc/lnaith

Thank you for any hint! :slight_smile:

  • Vince
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    Hello Kasia,

    Thank you for the follow-up! You got us halfway there. We looked it up but didn't find the same posts as you.

    The first link you provided removed the shipping cost line, which is a good thing! It doesn't remove the shipping information at the bottom though.

    The second link was to remove the little label "via company" that goes after the cost which is already gone from the first link.

    See the attached file.

    For extra context, it's for a booking/appointment site using WooCommerce Booking, we're slightly surprised that there are no options to do this natively.

    Thanks again!

  • Vince
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    Alright, we found the solution!

    We had a free shipping method that applies to * (Everything) instead of leaving the default shipping method (none). After removing the global free method, all pages and emails started behaving exactly as we wanted them to (no shipping VS free shipping).

    If anyone encounters the same issue, here is what your shipping methods' page should look like (see attached file).

    Thanks again Kasia, you made us think and look in the right place.

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