WooCommerce Images not importing!!!

Hey Everyone, I have a WordPress site using WooCommerce to manage 300+ products. I am now trying to export and import them onto another fresh WordPress website with WooCommerce installed and the products are importing but the images are not importing over!!! Has anyone had this issue or know how to resolve it....even through using another plugin? Thanks

  • verticalmail

    Hello Alexander, I just took the normal steps of going to the WordPress Export section under tools (Yes, I do have the standard wordpress importer/exporter installed) and then I selected the products checkbox and clicked Export and saved the export file (xml file) to a folder on my computer. Then I went to the fresh WordPress website (that also has the WordPress Importer and WooCommerce installed and activated`) and I went to the Import menu under Tools and imported the xml products file into the website and it asks me who I want to assign the roles to and then it imported all the products (as it should), but without any images at all.

  • Alexander


    The image downloads happen during the import process. When you export the products, the URLs to the images are stored in the XML backup file.

    After you choose the XML backup file, and click "upload file and import", you'll be on a screen where you have the option to select a user. There's also a checkbox at the bottom called "Download and import file attachments" This is what I was referring to earlier.

    When that checkbox is enabled, it will use the URLs stored earlier to download all of the images from the old site.

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