WooCommerce New Customer registration (Please Help)

Dear Community,

I am having a problem with my Woocommerce based online shop.

It is a closed shop, so i don’t want users to be able to register but I want to put in the users manually. Before I was able to simply create a new “customer” within wordpress by entering the clinets name and email and I had a small plugin running that would email the client his new username and password (in cleartext).

Now that I updated woocommerce and wordpress this option is no longer working. When I make a new user, the user does not get any email at all for his registration. I figured out that it was because of the custom plugin that would send the details is not working anymore probably because wordpress doesn’t allow passwords to be sent to now clients by mail but rather sends a link with an option to set a new password.

After deactivating the plugin setting up new users will trigger an email to go to the customer with a link. I managed to change the content template of the message that clients receive when I create a new account for them but the problem remains they receive a link that leads them directly to a WordPress themed wp-login.php standard “Create a new password” screen that does not have the branding of the store and looks suspicious to my clients.

When a user forgot his password he can access a page in the store itself (that is properly themed) where he can set his new password so that is working fine.

The problem is with the link the customer receives to initially set his first password.

I want it to be within the store itself and not a wordpress login page.

Is there a possibility for the Link to lead directly to a page in the store where a user can pick his password and login to the store? Or maybe an option where the Client (once I manually sign him up as a customer) will receive a mail with a registration link where he can set his profile and his password?

Thanks for your help!