Woocommerce not sending new order emails to shop admin

I have troubleshooted several hours now for this new unwanted behaviour. Nothing has changed in admin for about 3 days. I have checked that wordpress can send email and the server is sending email so basically email works.

New order emails to admin doesn't ever even get to mail queue so something must be broken in woocommerce/wordpress.

I have checked the forums and one suggestion was to add this to functions.php:

// Workaround for the mysterious bug in Woocommerce that prevents order emails
// from being sent.

add_action( 'woocommercethankyou', 'orderemailworkaround' );

function orderemailworkaround ($orderid) {
global $woocommerce;
$mailer = $woocommerce->mailer();
// Email customer with order-processing receipt
$email = $mailer->emails['WCEmailCustomerProcessingOrder'];
$email->trigger( $orderid );
// Email admin with new order email
$email = $mailer->emails['WCEmailNewOrder'];
$email->trigger( $orderid );

It didn't help either. I'm at loss what to do next.

Things that work:
-Woocommerce order comment emails
-Wordpress email (forms, admin emails etc.)
-server emailing basically

Things that do not work:
-New order emails to admin