WooCommerce options unavailable in UpFront

WooCommerce moved some things into Customize, and are therefore not available when using UpFront theme, that is.

So, like image options, number of items per row. If you change themes, you can then get to those options, but they do not carry back over it's a new update by woo.

The original problem I had is that the thumbnails for products are not getting cropped
You can see that here: https://****best.com/product/black-tank-top-dress-with-specially-hemmed-arm-holes/

I think it's possible that some of the woo settings are also not being processed correctly, causing the wrong thumbs to be shown, or maybe not generated/cropped at all?

Also, the "Store Notice" function is on "Customize" as well.

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Coastal Data,

    I did some testing with older WooCommerce version and according to their documentation grid setting were never available in the Woo Settings https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/change-number-of-products-per-row/ - so it looks they added that option to be managed in the Customizer. I will send message to developers of Upfront if that would be possible to add to our themes.

    However - it is different with the image in products - settings for them were moved to Customizer and they are no longer available in the Woo Settings. I also will report this to Upfront developers so they can work on solution on how to allow to manage this option with Upfront themes activated.

    For the issue with cropped images - I tested latest Woo and their StoreFront theme and I set images to be cropped 1 to 1 (so square) and images in product gallery were not cropped correctly.
    It doesn't seem that cropping works even without the Upfront, so this is something that has to be reported to WooCommerce developers.

    kind regards,

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