Woocommerce Shipping (Bundle Products)

Hello Friends

I need major help with my online store shop site. I am selling bath bombs, and I have the shipping down for products, zones, international etc.

My issue though is that I have 3 products listed as "bundles" meaning that you can buy a "Unicorn Bundle" for example which contains 5 bombs. But when calculated for shipping prices, it still only calculates that item as if it were 1 item/product. So we have been having and issue and loosing money because shipping out 1 of our bundle "products" is more expensive, then just if someone were to order just 1 bomb.

On the Wocommerce shipping settings it allows us to separate them by a certain "shipping class" but this is not working either.. does anyone have an solution to this? A New plugin? Is there something I am missing?

plugin: "Bundle Rate Shipping Module for WooCommerce"