Woocommerce shop was not showing correctly

On my web site the woocommerce shop was not showing correctly - a different shop is there when Iog in and log out. I think the Membership Pro plug in is causing the problem because, when I disable it it works fine. Please check this page as logged in and logged out user:


  • Dimitris

    Hello there Stephen,

    hope you' re doing good today! :slight_smile:

    It seems that the admin user was getting served some cached CSS files.
    In order to surpass that, I opened Dev Tools in Chrome (Ctrl+J), then right-clicked on the "refresh" button and selected to Empty Cache and Hard Reload.
    I can now see the same page as served to a Subscriber user.

    I couldn't find any caching plugin though... are you using any server-side caching? If so, it'd be better to exclude admin users from caching at all. :wink:

    Warm regards,

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