WooCommerce Slowing Site Down Drastically!

Hi Guys,

I have a site running WooCommerce that is shockingly slow, and this is affecting sales and customer browsing experience. When approx 33 people are browsing the site at the same time the site grounds to a halt and it's not moving... We have a good server running 4 x 3.0 GHz CPU Cores, CentOS, 6GB RAM

We have contacted our hosting provider and we were asked to optimize the database which we have done several times. However, these workarounds did not resolved the problems.

We have also reviewed and carried out the workarounds from this article https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/optimizing-your-wordpress-database-a-complete-guide/ and unfortunately, the issues are still not resolved.

Apparently the issue with WooCommerce slowing down websites is quite vast and there are several other people having this same problems; however, I have not been able to find a case that has since been resolved with a working fix.

Can you help or suggest what can be done please as this is causing a great impact to our customers experience and at the same time impacting sales?

Any help or suggestions to resolve these issues would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.