WooCommerce — unable to make product attributes on child sites

We have a Multisite setup running WooCommerce. The store on the first site works great. We are attempting to use child sites as portals — specific companies get access to their own portal, which is really just a slimmed down version of the main site, based on what their HQ says is ok for them to order.

We used WP All Export/Import to export products out of the main store and import them into the portal stores. Everything works except for our variable products. We are getting this strange data — basically the dropdown for the variable products says “Any {product attribute name here}.”

After messing around with the export/import process for quite some time, we finally realized it was working fine. The issue is that we cannot make any attributes in our other sites.

Main store: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ca0zlxztz32arij/attributes%20-%20main%20site.JPG?dl=0

Portal store: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jhwbi8nhuujorih/attributes%20bny-portal.JPG?dl=0

We tried making the attributes manually, but it simply doesn’t work. Has anyone seen anything like this before? We’d certainly be grateful for some assistance. About to tear the rest of my hair out over here!!