Woocommerce variable price issues

So in woo commerce if you have a variable price product it shows the price range by default.
$29.95 - $69.95

There are functions that show only the lowest price instead of the range so it would be:

It seems most of my customers don't like the range, they would rather display the lowest price and then add to the price as options are selected. So there are a lot of posts with a function to hide the price range and ONLY show the lowest price like above which works well.

Now I have a client that also has an option to deduct -$15 if a certain option that is rarely ever used is chosen. Now that shows the price too low, we don't want to display the price with -$15 since that option is rarely ever used but want it to be available.

So the option to get around that is to set a default option/variation, so it displays the price you want and just hide the price range up top.

So this works fine for your single product page and only shows a single price, but what about the category pages that shows multiple products, they still show the range, what do you do there?

I was able to do it on this store: http://posypeddler.com/product-category/roses-romance/
but don't remember how I got just the lowest price to display lol.

So if I set a default option/variation on my product that will display the price I want on the single product page. Now how would I display the same price on the category pages?

After using OpenCart & Magento, this variation pricing setup in woocommerce does not seem to be a flexible or effective way to display the prices.

Appreciate any tips from some woocommerce users :slight_smile:

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi George,

    Hope you're well?

    If you don't mind, I'll move this to the members' area to see if some of our members have any ideas. I don't have much experience with Woocommerce as a whole, but, could you post a URL to a category page on the site where you want this to display the minimum price.

    We may be able to hide the range using CSS.


  • George
    • The Bug Hunter

    Yes I am sorry, I intended it post in the community forum and here is a link to the page:
    Here is the orig site that I am upgrading to woocommerce so trying to come up with something similar: https://axiaalloys.com/Mirrors

    On these mirrors they have about 21 size options for clamps. People almost always want clamps but on our current site we discount $15 per clamp if they choose the "no clamp" option but that is rare but available. If they choose and extra large clamp size there is an additional $10 - $15 added to the price.

    So on your current site axiaalloys.com I like to show the standard price with standard size clamps as the initial price.

    Now if I try to just show the lowest of the price range in woocommerce that doesn't work because it shows the lowest price as the NO CLAMP option which is rarely chosen so I don't want to display that lower price initially.

    Just setting this site up to see if I get woocommerce somewhat similar to my existing site in opencart.

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