Woocommerce works when not loggin in but doesnt when logged in


I have been talking to another tech guy and he has noticed my shop on YNFA.NET works perfectly when NOT logged in but as soon as someone becomes a member and log in the shop stops working due to some clash (js clash possibly). Pls see his correspondence below...

I notice a difference when I'm logged in versus when I am not logged in. When I do log in, the overlay buttons do not appear on products as you mentioned here. When I am not logged in, they do appear.

Also, when I am not logged in, I do not get a console error (the javascript error you mention) however, when I do log in I do get this error. I'm thinking the javascript error is a conflict with a plugin, other than woocommerce, that is happening only when one logs in.

I see you have quite the list of plugins installed and activated. Do you know of any that you are using to specifically be working (or doing something quite different) when the user is logged in versus when a guest is visiting the website? I feel there should be a plugin that behaves differently based on this that is conflicting with the theme.

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Could you pls help me to locate the culprit as is seems like the problem is related to a plugin that only runs when logged in??

Your help is much appreciated and you can access the site through the WPMU dash.

Many Thanks for your continued great support.