WooCommerce / WorldPay callback redirecting issue

I'm having an issue with WooCommerce and WorldPay. It was all working fine on my old server but we recently changed servers and now orders are going through but they're not coming back to WooCommerce. We get an email so can process the orders but it's a bit of a pain.

According to WorldPay...

"It looks as your server where your website is sitting on is trying to redirect the call back as soon as WorldPay gets to your website. You will need to go back to the developer and get a meta data refresh tag added to the callback page of about 3 seconds."

The thing is I've no idea a) why this has started happening or b) how to make the fix they're suggesting.

Anyone got any ideas?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Jon,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    Since WooCommerce doesn't support WorldPay by default, I assume you're using one of the plugins for this. Can you tell me which one is it? Have you tried to contact that plugin's developer?

    I admit I'm not sure what would "get a meta data refresh tag added to the callback page of about 3 seconds." mean, it's a bit strange statement. However, I also understand that the site and payments worked well before moving to another server, is that correct?

    That suggest that something has changed in configuration and is "breaking" WorldPay API communication. Can you briefly summarize changes that were made to the site when you moved it (if there were any)? Are there any significant changes in server configuration between your previous one and the new one?

    Please advise!
    Best regards,

  • Jon

    I'll be honest – I don't really know. I just we used to be on Media Temple and now we're on Site Ground. Both are Apache servers but beyond that I'm not sure. Do I need to take this up with the guys at Site Ground do you think? To see if they've got any ideas why it might be causing an issue?

    And yes, in terms of plugins, I'm using the WorldPay plugin direct from WooCommerce – might be worth checking with them as well I suppose?

    I just thought I'd check here in case anyone else knew about the meta refresh tag immediately!

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