"Woohooo, we are crunching the numbers for you and than it is all done."


I am bulk smushing the images of all of my multisite install websites one by one last week.
The italian one, - which is alos the core of the multisite, gives me this message and can not proceed to smush the images:

"Woohooo, we are crunching the numbers for you and than it is all done.
It has been blocked like this for the whole week.
Is there a way to resolve this and finalyy start smushing the images I have?


  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Jean,

    I hope you're well today! Thank you for your question.

    The message you receive means that the server that does all the smushing for the plugin indeed does the "number crunching": it performs calculations regarding sent images. Those calculations shouldn't last for a week though.

    Despite that please check in your media library if the images aren't already smushed because it is possible that the plugin just got stuck at the message itself. To do this go to your media library and open an image (the one that's been sent to smush) and if you can see a message similar to "Reduced by... (x %)" then it seems everything went all right.

    If images aren't still optimized please try to deactivate and delete plugin and then re-install it and try smushing again.

    Let me know if it helps.

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