word count in other languages for wordpress site

Another question for one website I recently built for my friend.
We used Chinese as our major language for the website. However, the word count for the post seems to be malfuncting (WP-WC1.png). I tried to find a solution online but some of the website suggested that we'd better to change the language into Chinese, and I just want to keep the English menu in admin site.
Another problem is, the plugin is not working properly as well for the word count functionality (WP-WC2.png). I used the "teaser" settings in Visual Composer (kind of WYSIWYG plugin) but they won't recognise the Chinese characters I thought.
In fact, I have no comment with that plugin, which sometimes is buggy, but it's OK to use. My question is: is it possible to get the Wordpress recognising the Chinese character first, then that plugin should work?
Currently I am using a CSS to limit the word count, which I am happy to make it as a temporary solution but is it possible to make it break into 2 or 3 lines (I can only get one line in the homepage). The code I used is provided as follows:

.blog-content {
white-space: nowrap;
width: 90ch;
overflow: hidden;
text-overflow: ellipsis;

That website can be accessed HERE.
Thanks guys!