wordfence is alerting on a client site


Wordfence is giving off this error message. Can you please tell me if this is a security hazard? The site is supposed to be on cloudflare. Site url:


Your DNS records have changed

Old DNS records: http://www.hunters-edge.com points to hunters-edge.com

New DNS records: http://www.hunters-edge.com points to http://www.hunters-edge.com.cdn.cloudflare.net

Severity: Warning

Status New

We have detected a change in the CNAME records of your DNS configuration for the domain http://www.hunters-edge.com. A CNAME record is an alias that is used to point a domain name to another domain name. For example foo.example.com can point to bar.example.com which then points to an IP address of A change in your DNS records may indicate that a hacker has hacked into your DNS administration system and has pointed your email or website to their own server for malicious purposes. It could also indicate that your domain has expired. If you made this change yourself you can mark it ‘resolved’ and safely ignore it.