WordFence + WPEngine = Redundancy?

Greetings, I have my sites hosted on WPEngine which has pretty solid security from what I have read and experienced so far. But still, I'm finding users from China registering on my site, and I'd rather not have to deal with anyone outside of the US or Canada based on my site's relevancy.

I've therefore installed WordFence which has a (paid) option to block countries. It also has a (free) feature to limit login attempts and lock out a user for 10 or 20 minutes based on my selection.

WPEngine also has the login limits as a separate plugin and I've trapped several "rogue" users trying to login with "admin" (which has been removed).

So, should I just rely on WPEngine's security alone, or should I implement additional measures knowing there may be some overlapping features.


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    this is 1 of the dilemmas with multiple security protection systems. if you can disable the features you don't need to use because you have those features in a different plugin, then i can't see as that would be a problem. but if you're unable to disable them, whilst it might still work fine, it might add to the resources used by your site, so it could potentially increase page loading or memory usage.

    wp-engine are pretty good with their support from what i've heard, i haven't ever used their service myself, but i'm sure if you spoke with them about this, they might offer you some good advice & tips on what might be worth doing & what could potentially cause issues.

    just remember that security is never 100%. it just makes it harder & more inconvenient & you have to weigh up the costs: usability vs inconvenience for your users & potential new customers. there is a phrase such as "security overkill"

    hope this helps

  • Ariel Urtaza
    • Flash Drive

    Most caching plugins are not compatible with WPengine custom caching environment. So they can't be running in parallel with their cache solution. The following plugins are automatically removed by wpengine from your install:
    WP Super Cache
    WP File Cache
    W3 Total Cache

    THE FIX: Install WangGuard plugin and Akismet (basic paid subscription is recommended). These two plugins will stop the "chinese" fake accounts from getting registered in your blog

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