Wordpress 2014 Theme - Featured Content with multiple tags?


We're using the new 2014 Theme for our portfolio blog. We really like the Featured Content section on the home page.

What we would like to do is have multiple pages all with different Featured Content sections.

This is how much we have been able to work out so far.

All of the key information is held in /inc/featured-content.php.

This gets handed to functions.php under the class featured-content, and then onto featured-content.php (note the lack of /inc/) under the class twentyfourteen_get_featured_posts, and finally, gets called on page.php under the class featured-content once again.

We want to target the variable tag-name with different tags on different pages. Our plan is to create a number of page templates, all with something in them forcing featured-content to call up a different tag.

While we are moderately versed with PHP, we are not sure how to code this.

Could you help?