WordPress 3.00 Compatible

I’m new here. I signed up because with WordPress 3.00 the old ‘blog’ privacy plugin I was using stopped working with WP 3.00 AND the version here was well marked as WP 3.00 compatible . . . and great it is.

On the other hand I was interested and downloaded the ‘Easy Blogging’ Suite also with the WP 3.0 Compatible emblazoned on it’s presentation page to now find while casually reading through some forum posts that compatibility with WP 3.00 is very much not the case and that you are not recommended to try this on a ‘live’ site . . . . it would be nice to have this made clear.

I was also interested in the Blog Types plugin and down loaded that; I thought it might be complicated to get the front end working BUT was reassured by the line that said just ask for what you want in the forums for advice to do this. Again I wander over to the forums to find that people are being advised to pay for a developer. That would be VERY nice to have presented on the front page too.

I cannot afford to pay for access to this site on an ongoing basis never mind a developer so it would be very useful to be presented with accurate information both about compatibility and on how much it will take to get a plugin to actually do what it says on it’s front page.

I’ve signed up for a month and on following instructions to make sure I’m not charged automatically for the next month I’m taken to a paypal page that gives an error message. I didn’t pay by paypal but with a credit card. What do I do if anything to make sure I don’t find I’m charged for the next month?