Wordpress 3.1 beta 2

Just noticed that Wordpress 3.1 beta 2 has been released. (Actually 57 emails from clients pointed it out to me. I don't think they have a life either.) Starting a thread for those silly among us who actually have testbeds to start testing compatibility, discussing upgrades and updates, express annoyance that they're still using TinyMCE, wonder why no one else has noticed this, etc.

Actually wondering why we haven;'t had any discussion. I remember the last time we had a major update, we had a half dozen threads for each release.

Did we all miss it?

edit: I;m going to start poking around with it tomorrow. I noticed that I haven;t had my steak dinner yet so I'm going tonight. I always try to have one at the end of the year at the same time as bellrininging (ie I have the cash) so I;m leaving in a bit for the night.

  • Mason
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    We've played with it a bit internally around here. I'd say it's just now getting into a state where it's semi-usable for testing. Up until this week you weren't even able to run BuddyPress on it without editing some of the core files.

    Anyone taking a look will obviously notice some wild differences as far as the 'Network Admin' area is concerned. We're rewriting plugins and documentation to handle this update. I'm curious to hear what other folks here think as well?

    Have you given it a try? (PLEASE, NOT on a live site! :stuck_out_tongue:) What are your thoughts? Positives? Negatives?

    @drmike, you didn't save me any steak did ya?

  • drmike
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    The line was out the door. Went to a local pancake house. Going to try again here in a second.

    I realized after I posted this that we're talking about a beta and not a release candidate. I was thinking that they were getting ready to release which is why i was surprised no one else had mentioned it

    Never mind....

    (edit: Actually it was a secret wish to get the first wp 3.1 tag up there. sshhhhh)

  • drmike
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    I did answer it. The line was out the door. Went to the pancake house and had a couple of pancakes. Tried again last night. Closed for a private party.

    edit: And everything's closed tonight so I guess it;s going to be after Christmas until I get a chance.

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