Wordpress 3.1 permalinks 404

Just to let you know that, despite the fact your claim here:
Works perfectly with WordPress Multisite 3.1
This plug just messes a LOT with WPMU 3.1.
It totally brokes the category links.
- install 3.1
- install the infamous plug
- activate
- click on a category link ( /category/something/ )
- Voilà: 404 page.

- deactivate the plug
- go to admin > permalinks
- resubmit same config
- category goodness is back.

This made me lost 5h and a lot of sweat to find out, plug-by-plug / each time resubmitting permalink config to find out that.

Global Site Search plug brings the same issue!

  • www
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    Definitely not.

    404 still pops on categories links.
    I hadn't been able to see if that messes with other plugins.
    All I know is that activating that plug + resubmitting permalink conf just immediately breaks permalinks.

    To help you out i'll dump my plug list here:
    Author Avatars List
    Batch Create
    Blog And User Creator
    Default Theme
    MailChimp Synch
    Mass Email Sender
    Members Directory
    Multisite Latest Posts Widget
    Multisite User Management
    NextGEN Gallery
    Simple Tags
    TinyMCE Advanced
    User Activity
    User Avatar
    Extension "User Role Editor"
    Users Widget
    WP Mass User Input - Add and Export WordPress Users Quickly

  • mhcalumnae
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    The same thing happened to me. Tags were affected. Most of the global directory/search type plugins do the same thing (Members, Tags, and Site Search), except for the most recent Blogs Directory plugin (the old one had caused the same porblem). I reviewed the plugin code and discovered the following commented line:


    I reviewed the code for the other related plugins/widgets and commented out any of the functions that flushed the rewrite rules. This prevented the plugins from erasing the rewrite_rules cell in the options table. The plugins appear to work correctly. It took me a while to figure out what was going on because a lot of forum posts here and on WordPress.org focused on whether or not mod_rewrite was enabled, if the .htaccess file was readable or there was a conflicting plugin.

    My multisite WordPress installation is located within a sub-directory. Those installed in the root of the web site may not be affected and would explain why not everyone had this problem. To get permalinks to work correctly, it was not enough to re-enable the pemalinks, but I had to copy the rewrite rules from the database of a separate web site that did not have any of these plugins.

    The AskApache RewriteRules Viewer plugin was helpful in diagnosing this issue.

    I would suggest removing the flush rewrite rules function in future releases or correctly regenerate the rewrite rules. For details refer to http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/WP_Rewrite

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