WordPress 35 Administration Panel Slowness

Has anyone else experienced some slowing down in the administration panel since upgrading to WordPress 3.5? The load times on my sites don't seem to have changed at all insofar as visitors and front-end users are concerned, but things in the back end seem to have slowed down (sometimes drastically). To make things even more fun, it doesn't seem to be due to any particular plugin or theme, as I've experienced slowdown across a number of my sites and they're using almost completely different sets of plugins and themes.

I also don't believe it's my host, as I've chatted with a couple technicians from Rackspace and they aren't experiencing any issues with their servers. Further, there's the localization of the issues (i.e., they occur only in the control panel), which makes me think there's a problem with WordPress or some sort of conflict between the current version of WordPress and something else (most of the sites on which I've seen the slowdown are running under Rackspace Cloud Sites, so it's a pretty standard LAMP setup).

On a few sites, the slowness has been drastic enough to hit the thirty-second execution limit I currently have set. However, the slowness isn't consistent. Sometimes it hits the execution limit, but most times it does not. Mostly it's just an annoyance, but one I'd rather find some way to address than wait for it to 'solve' itself through updates.

  • Zyniker
    • WordPress Warrior

    Well, I just ran through three different sites and it seems the speed issues were almost entirely eliminated by disabling the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin. Looks like WordPress 3.5 and WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin v3.2.2 don't play well together, which is unfortunate because I like the convenience that plugin provides.

    Let me know if there's something I can do to help you narrow down the possible source of the slowness. Seeing as I have a setup that we know can replicate it, I would think I could generate some logs or something to speed things along in terms of development and troubleshooting. :slight_smile:

  • PC
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hiya @Zyniker

    Thanks for posting on the forums.

    Can you please try and increase the execution time limit and see if that improves things ?

    I am using it on all my sites but did not notice the behavior.

    Waiting for your input.

    Sales &Support

  • Zyniker
    • WordPress Warrior

    I don't seem to have anything in my error logs related to this issue (in fact, the only things present are an error related to wp-config.php [because I changed some settings] and about a thousand errors related to a Batch Create file I just processed [the errors are innocuous and didn't prevent the processing from completing successfully]).

  • Aaron
    • CTO

    We dont' see the same issues on our test sites. Nothing changed in the core dashboard plugin code between 3.2 and 3.2.2, just the css to look right with wp 3.5.

    You would have to profile the code to see what's going on. All data is loaded in plugins/themes lists?

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