Wordpress 4.0 automatically removing plugins???

My developers just updated my client's wordpress site with Wordpress 4.0. Now BackupBuddy, and Contact Form 7 plugins are both gone MIA. I was able to add back (reinstall) Contact Form 7 plugin, however BackupBuddy is no longer showing up in search results. My lead developer said that with the latest update to Wordpress Core files (4.0), that it is automatically removing any plugins that doesn't support it. This seem HIGHLY unusual that wordpress would remove any plugins that is not supported by it....automatically. Please help me understand and fix this asap for me and my client. Also, my lead developer said that when they updated to Wordpress 4.0, that it required them to also update the database, so they did, however now all the forms submitted under Contact Form 7 are gone, along with previous backups done by BackupBuddy. Thankfully my developers did backup before they started, however all of this seems really strange. Thanks!

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi there, Kent.

    I hate to be the one to say this, but I believe your developers may not be telling you the truth about what's happening to your site.

    1. The WordPress 4.0 update will not remove any of your plugins, it doesn't even have the capability to check for compatibility, let alone delete files from your server. That's 111% myth, I promise.
    2. The WordPress 4.0 update did not require a manual database upgrade. I don't want to go so far as to say this is a myth, I don't know your developers' lives, but my eyebrow is definitely raised.

    Do you have CPanel access on your client's host? Can you grab the server logs and take a look for anything that might indicate gremlins may have accidentally dropped your database tables and tried to blame it on the cat?

    Hypothetically, of course.


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