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Wordpress allows for a single admin email (General Settings), that will notify the site administrator when updates or comments are posted. Is there a method (plugin or otherwise) that provides for the notification email t be sent to multiple email addresses?

  • Zyniker

    Yes. The easiest way to accomplish this will be through your email provider, not through WordPress. What you'll want to do is pick one of the following two options:

    1. Create an alias and set your WordPress administrative email to the alias. Then set the alias to direct mail to however many addresses you wish.

    2. Create an email account and set your WordPress administrative email to that account. Then configure that account to forward emails it receives and not delete forwarded email (usually this settings is something along the lines of "keep" or "preserve" forwarded email).

    If your current email provider does not provide you with these options, I can provide you with some recommendations for email hosting which does.

    There is a third option, which is just as automated but less reliable:

    3. Create a mail forwarding script in your mail client which will automatically forward all emails received at your administrative email. This is less reliable as it requires a computer to be online and actively checking the administrative email account or the forwarded script will not run.

  • heartlandhosting

    I realize this, but maybe I missed the mark when explaining. I am a designer and hosting provider for several hundred customers. They typically do not need or care about wordpress updates, theme updates, plugins, etc. We generally receive these notifications, and take care of maintaining the website integrity. However, they would like to be notified when a post comment is made, so it can be approved. So your suggestion of an alias would not work, unless I maintained hundreds of aliases matching a unique support email with each customer wanting a copy. Shouldn't there be a simple way just to place multiple email accounts (support@email.com, customer@email.com) separated by a comma on the General Settings page.

  • Zyniker

    Unfortunately, I don't know of any plugins that will do this for you. This is possible without using plugins or aliases/forwarding, but it requires editing of core files (which is generally best avoided).

    A slightly easier route for your needs would be to create a 'dummy' domain or subdomain on one of your domains (e.g., email.example.com) and then configure that domain so that all email sent to that domain CCs or BCCs to you. This would not remove all configuration requirements, but it would mean that you'd have only one step each time you add/remove a client (i.e., creating an email account for that client on the dummy domain which serves only the purpose of forwarding email to the client).

    Configuring forwarding via an email server really is the best way to do this as it lessens the burden on WordPress and, unless someone can find a plugin, avoids editing core files.

    Which email provider are you currently using? I know from experience that this would be relatively easy from within Rackspace's control panel, and I'm certain that someone else here on the forums would be able to devise a way to do this simply from within cPanel (and maybe WHMCS).

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