wordpress affiliate is not working


I installed affiliate plugin on wordpress multisite. Network of Blogs with one main site. I am testing it in a paypal sandbox environment. I am using it with membership plugin as well. Blog authors are set up in the affiliate program.

This is how the process looks:

1. User comes through affiliate link from blog to the main site

2. from the home page they go to registration page (with [subscriptionform] in it)

3. They fill out the details

4. choose the subscription

5. go to paypal to pay and confirm the payment

6. come back to homepage

Issues here:

Affiliate plugin does not record any actions. Actually, it seems to be stuck. I tested it couple of days ago just with clicks. Although there was only one redirection through affiliate link it counts 3 and nothing after that. Although there have been transactions after that.

Advanced settings feature does not work as well in affiliate plugin

Members are created correctly. I can see them in the membership plugin admin area with correct level and subscription.



Screenshots in attachments.