Wordpress + BuddyPress 1.7(beta), display facebook-like notifications in admin bar

Hello All,

Pardon the blood, but I've been hitting my head against the wall for days now...

What I'm trying to achieve sounds simple enough, but...

How can you display notifications (with counts) for Friend Request, Forum Replies (subscribed/own topics) and Messages (general mix is fine).

I've trawled through the bp_core_get_notifications_for_user() function found in bp-members/bp-member-notification.php#83, but just can't see how this might do it for me, even after this enlightening post by Boone Gorges (go google! :~).

I've been able to move, modify and generally rearrange most of the other aspects of the admin bar, but this one has me whipped.

Any help would be gratefully appreciate.

Many thanks,


New thought::If anyone knows of a theme or plugin that achieves this to some degree I would be happy to dig in and see what could be re-engineered to suit my purposes.

  • Ollie

    Yer honestly I had the same problem awhile ago... There a few solutions on buddydev to add some extra things like comments .etc

    I actually ditched the admin bar completely and created my own. This made life much easier... Yes you can still do the number counts as well and use jquery .etc .etc

    As soon as you move away from the default bp stuff, that's when you start achieving some real freedom...

  • Scott

    Thanks Peeps,

    @Billzy, would you have an example of your success I could look at? While I have no problem stepping away from the BP regime, I think I'll need some connection in order to pull out and display the actual reply|comment|notification numbers... But I'm more than happy to be proven wrong.

    @Patrick, I've looked at the widget, and it does offer some nice functionality for displacing the normal notification. Unfortunately, it doesn't offer any more than this...

    Re the bleeding edge'ness of BP 1.7 - I don't think the admin-bar functionality has changed. But one thing that is absolutely kickin' is the theme compatibility - totally works on my Thesis!!!

  • Ollie

    Im also using the plugin Patrick mentioned.. Its very nice and smooth..... I use that as an extra.. BuddyDev has some real nice stuff for BP.

    Believe me when I say I would love to show you what I've been spending my time on with BP but its unreleased right now, not live and local only... Otherwise I would be sharing the link quite quickly... We have spent a long time perfecting our theme, I wouldn't say it has been easy... just definitely possible... lol

    BP is one of those things you start by thinking it wont take as long as it does if you want to do it properly. Also BP forums are really good for those questions I've found..

    They are working on it daily over there with many live samples. Still haven't seen many I like though, don't worry in due time :wink:

  • Scott

    @Billzy Thanks anyway, I get it, I'm working local as well...

    In any case, after a hard slog, I've figured out how to display both the count and link via the adminbar. I've also sorted out displaying the friend request list as a dropdown from the menu.

    Bit rough going though. Either it's so easy that no one thinks it worth mentioning; I'm the only one interested in presenting this data in this way (unlikely?); or it's a well guarded secret.

    Anyway, all the best and thanks again.

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