BuddyPress group avatar will not display

WordPress / BuddyPress noobie here.

So, I was able to install BuddyPress, set up some groups, and activated BuddyPress settings to allow individual & group photos (avatars) & banner images.

I uploaded a group avatar, but there was no button to "save page" or "update page". The avatar does not display. Tried this multiple times.

Got into my cpanel and drilled down to the media directory. The avatar is there multiple times, in a media subdirectory: /group-avatars/7/ with "7" being the number of times the avatar was uploaded.

Does anyone have any advice as to how to get the group avatar to display? I've searched this forum and the BuddyPress site with no success on this, except that several months ago other folks were having the same problem.

I have no BuddyPress plugins installed, just the latest stable BuddyPress.