WordPress / BuddyPress Users

Hi there

I’m converting a WP site with 2800+ members to BP. The trial version of the site is at http://www.claverton-energy.info

I am slightly bewildered by the Users concept…

– Community Stats shows 2800+ users (many are spam registrants and need to be removed)

– Members page shows 25… (but only after I ran a Sync plugin…:wink:

Research in implementing BP suggested that WP users needed to be synchronised with BP, so I installed and ran “Activate Users In Buddypress.” That did not go particularly well :slight_smile:

I’m now wondering if the latest versions of WP and BP have eliminated those previous user issues…

Question: Does BuddyPress “login” page now process existing WordPress users and add them as active BP members when/if they login?


Ben Kemp