wordpress chat plug-in

Thanks for all of your great support. I have two issues with the Wordpress Chat plug in.

My developing website is http://sisterhoodofsupport.com

It will be a members only. I have the 'stranger' level and 'members' levels set up.

First problem, if I set the chat up to show in the lower right hand corner, strangers can see everything that is typed in the chat box. They cannot comment, but I do not want them to see what members are chatting about. Is there a fix for this?

Second problem, I read through all the forum comments and thought I had found a solution by setting up a 'Chat' page, which is available only to members. Apparently I just don't understand how to do this. I made a new page and put the [chat] short code in. The chat works but I get an error on the page saying

Chat ? Chat
Missing Attachment

How can I correct these issues?

Thanks. JoAnn