WordPress Crash, after Theme install


Yesterday, I had a working installation of wordpress 3.1.4 …

I purchased & installed “Studio” (via FTP)

Then, as expected, the Theme appeared in my backoffice.

I just clicked on INSTALL, and I remember it said something was wrong

with the install … I clicked OK, then … Everything “disapeared” !

… now I can no longer acces my Worpress (frontoffice + backoffice)

All I have is this white screen : http://www.mjtutoriels.com/blog/

From the FTP, everything looks as usual.

Any help appreciated.

  • Jonathan
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Mmmm, seems maybe a few files went AWOL when you ftp’d it up.

    When you say backoffice you mean wp admin?

    When you say install you mean activate?

    Just trying to check we on the same page.

    Oh, Which directory did you ftp the theme into? /wp-content/themes/

    What errors are there? Here is a useful article – check error logs:


    I had this error on my site the other day

    [Wed Jun 15 09:25:12 2011] [error] [client hidden] File does not exist: hidden/wp-content/themes/hidden/lib/strikeout, referer: http://hidden.com/blog/

    Should help you to diagnose what went wrong? You’re looking for fatal error

    You can also delete the theme and ftp it up again and see if that works…


  • adjin
    • Flash Drive

    Backoffice = wp admin, yes.

    and Yes, when I say INSTALL, I mean ACTIVATE (sorry)

    I just saw the error message once, and unfortunately, I cannot remember what it said.

    My path is blog/wp-content/themes/

    in here I put the ‘studio’ folder that I got after unzip

    I already tried to replace all ‘studio’ files with a fresh new download

    Thank you for the link,

    I’ll have a look.

  • Jonathan
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    check to see if you have a folder called logs?

    Error logs are vital for properly diagnosing a problem since usually your hosting provider has set up your environment as to not display errors so that you and your site’s visitors are not disturbed by error messages.

    Aside Note:

    I know that by deleting the theme, or renaming it to something else, either action should revert back to the default twenty-ten, but the fact that you can’t access the backend (wp-admin) is a little weird.

    You should know, I’m just a member like you, and haven’t used studio before… but if you can find some error logs, we might be able to figure this out.


  • Jonathan
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Well, just installed in on a test site…

    wp 3.2 rc3 (don’t have anything smaller for testing)


    And it activated perfectly. Okay, I’m using a dev version of wordpress, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

    What plugins did you have activated? Thinking a conflict between plugin and theme?

    Error logs will tell us exactly whats up :slight_smile:

    Edit: I Posted above this too…

  • adjin
    • Flash Drive


    might be a plugin conflict,

    As I remember, my installed plugins were

    – S2Member

    – WordPress Stats

    – Localisation

    – exec php

    – simply show ID

    – FAQ you

    – Buddypress

    – bbpress (plugin version)

    By the way, is it possible to re install wordpress in a new directory, and

    use the same Database so all my data will be restored ? … Then I can

    install only the studio theme and the plugins I really need.

    PS. I tried to rename/delete the ‘studio’ folder but nothing happened ;

    no default back to 20-10.

    PS2. Still can’t find any log / still searching

  • adjin
    • Flash Drive

    Another indication,

    If I try a PREVIEW rather than an ACTIVATION, I cannot preview STUDIO.

    I have 4 other themes that I can Preview … But not Studio … so I’m sure, if I try

    to activate it , I will have the same Problem as Yesterday …

    What do you think ?

  • adjin
    • Flash Drive


    Sorry for my previous messages,

    (I do not erase them, as they explain the history of my case) …


    I managed to ACTIVATE the Studio Theme, after I disabled a plugin called

    ‘BuddyPress Template Pack’ (which was providing compatibility for my previous theme with buddypress fonctions) … I also disabled the Code styling Localization plugin for now.

    STUDIO is now activated, but it looks really different compared to the demo !! !! !!

    I suspect some missing files in my installation ?

    .. And the fonts look weird …

    Any suggestions ??

    Thank you again

  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    The template pack is used to make non BuddyPress themes work for BuddyPress. As studio has BuddyPress functionality built in you don’t require it.

    It should work out of the box so I’m thinking you still have an issue with install and plugins. Whilst it is a hassle I would if you can recommend removing all plugins and adding back in once have theme bedded down so to speak.

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