Wordpress custom post action hook

I'm working on a plugin for wordpress that I would like to fire every time a custom post of the type 'job' is posted, published, edited, trashed, untrashed, etc. (basically whenever there is an update to that post type).

I'm having a bit of trouble finding the correct action hook to call. I have searched, and from my understanding I can't use for example (publish_post) because I am using a custom post type, so it should be something along the lines of (publish_job) or (publish_post_job). However, those don't seem to work for me either, if I go in to the jobs category and publish a draft in the jobs category.

So, I guess I have two questions:

1) What is the correct action I should be using in the context of a custom post type.

2) a. Is there some sort of action that I can use to encompass all sorts of changes to the jobs category (ie: post editing, publishing, unpublishing, trash/untrash, etc). b. If not, how would I go about calling add_action for all of those possible actions.

Thank you!