WordPress Database Error – Active Sessions

Hey Guys,

I seem to be having an issue with WordPress and whether it thinks I’m logged in or not.

When i am on the homepage, i have the top toolbar with My Name and Little Picture and what not.

When i go to the Blog page of my site, i am no longer regarded as logged in, and have 2 errors on the bottom of the page.

Which are:

WordPress database error: [Table ‘armoured_wrdp2.wp_user_activity’ doesn’t exist]

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM wp_user_activity WHERE user_ID = ‘0’

WordPress database error: [Table ‘armoured_wrdp2.wp_user_activity’ doesn’t exist]

UPDATE wp_user_activity SET last_active = ‘1367132582’ WHERE user_ID = ‘0’

If you guys could help me here, i don’t what the issue was, I started seeing when i was on my profile page and i clicked load information from Facebook and attempted to link my account using Ultimate Facebook.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards