WordPress Development: Demo Content

If you’re like me and spend countless hours messing around with (themes/plugins etc) you also know what it feels like to have to repeatedly create content to flesh out those web projects. This is not only time consuming, it is also very, very frustrating. Think about it – you have to create batches of posts, multiple pages, handfuls of menu items, lists of categories, tags, and lets not forget we want loads and loads of users. And what makes it worse is that you absolutely have to do this. Fleshing out content rich sites are vital in checking that everything plays nice: there is no other way to do it. Or is there?

In the past I have uploaded old website exported content. I have created my own user creator plugins. I’ve used various plugins on the market, but all seem to fall short in an area. And most haven’t been updated in (forever)

But not anymore. Well not yet anyways – I see it is a few versions behind :slight_frown:

But I just uploaded, activated and ran this little puppy. Never has demo content looked so beautiful. And my demo users actually have names – Wow.

But the absolute best part… it does multiple comments too


Warning: This plugin is only compatible with BuddyPress 1.2 and has been tested with WordPress 3.0.

I have used it successfully on single install wordpress 3.2.1 and it hasn’t broken anything – and has left me very much impressed.

So for quick demo content creation for a single site – this rocks.

Some other demo content resources:





and of course wordpress has there own…