Wordpress Directory - should be given higher priority

I am glad that there there is a directory plugin. Thanks for that.

In my humble opinion, escalating development of a best possible directory plugin should be a high priority.

Also, the directory should be able to be used with different themes, or at least a few, or one that is customizable. Reviews feature is valuable as well. Notably, there is pretty much no great directory plugin at wordpress.org.

Facebook is a great example of this rational build out of helpful structure. Google still drives me nuts sometimes, after sometimes looking at 5 year old irrelevant search results.

I do not expect miracles overnight (even with you talented developer folk). However, we can learn much from the folk at facebook, wikipedia and yelp.

People on the internet are looking for more rational and efficient ways to find relevant and better organized information. People more in the commercial software space seem to get this a little more. I am happy to see the WPMU Dev people with what seems like a great business model.

Hopes this helps.