WordPress Directory vs Custom Press plugins


There are a couple of things I'm trying to accomplish. One would be like a Yellow Pages directory on a page within my multi-site. Another would be a booklist page. Neither would be on the Home page, but on seperate pages.

After installing WordPress directory, enabling the default theme & importing the post types, taxonomies, & custom fields I added the sample categories ART such as Sales, Consulting, ...
This appears on my home page: http://web-weaving.ws/.

However, when I tried to add a listing in ART for Sales & Consulting it never appeared. I can edit the listing, but when I publish it & view it.. nothing. It is supposed to be located at Permalink: http://web-weaving.ws/listing/mywoodcraft/, but those folders do not exist. Any suggestions?

Since the default tempate is located in the plugins dierctory w/o a child theme, I started to look at the Custom Press plugin to see if I could use it to add pages of listings, but I don't see how to tell it what page to add the listing or how to configure the listings to display like in the WP Directory theme.

Any help would be appreciated.