Wordpress email Notifications

wondering how or where wordpress emails are sent.

we get notifications of new sites being created, but we do not receive any of the Gravity Forms Email notifications.

Can't even find any sent mail for either.


  • Mark Wallace

    Yes the admin email and about 4 using the bcc thing separated by commas.

    It neither sends them to the user, or to any of our NetWorks, yahoo, or gmail emails, and it is doing it on all our sites, but notifications are being sent out from client sites using another host. Could it be in our server settings somewhere? We just noticed it this past week when we stopped receiving Gravity Form notifications. Now we are having to search each site to see where orders have be placed. lost of sites aecnu

    help :slight_smile:


  • aecnu

    Greetings And.Hello,

    Thank you for the details which are indeed appreciated.

    There are indeed several different settings and having root access to your server I jumped right in and found a couple of issues right from the beginning.

    First being the sender - is that indeed a valid email account on the sending server?

    mytithi@ns17.xxxxxx.com --> no it is not it is a server name and domain but not valid for sending emails.

    Second issue, the list of receivers. in that list is a domain name gamail.com and even though the domain gamail.com is vaild in which I indeed did a trace route thereof, the account there is not valid.

    Therefore the mail will not be delivered.

    I believe the above two issues when repaired will indeed fix this all up.

    First the invalid outbound email address and then second the invalid bcc address as described above.

    At the moment there is only an indication of this one invalid email stuck in que due to these two items which I will delete because they will never be delivered.

    Let me know how it goes once you have these two items repaired.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Mark Wallace

    hi Joe, we use a yahoo email for admin until the batch create email dump is complete, then switch to a domain email, i will go through and check all of them.

    The gamail is just another one of our wonderful grammar errors. lol

    I will check the manual Mark was compiling from some videos and look into the other email server thingy. lol :slight_smile:


    We really are grateful for all your help Joe, We are used to being delegated task and now have to figure everything out as we go. THANK YOU!

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