Wordpress Error - Too Many Redirects

A few days ago, my website, Sophire.com (Wordpress MultiSite), crashed, with the error:

I've tried some of the common fixes, such as changing the 'Plugins' folder name to deactivate all plugins, and editing the wp-config file to define the WP_home and WP_SiteUrl, but neither worked.
I've enabled WP_DEBUG as well, and the debug log shows the following error:

[09-Jan-2017 13:06:12 UTC] WordPress database error Table 'sophie36_wpsoph.wp9f_blogs' doesn't exist for query SELECT blog_id FROM wp9f_blogs WHERE domain IN ( 'sophire.com' ) AND path IN ( '/xmlrpc.php/', '/' ) ORDER BY CHAR_LENGTH(path) DESC LIMIT 1 made by include('wp-load.php'), require_once('wp-config.php'), require_once('wp-settings.php'), require('wp-includes/ms-settings.php'), ms_load_current_site_and_network, get_site_by_path, get_sites, WP_Site_Query->query, WP_Site_Query->get_sites, WP_Site_Query->get_site_ids

I would appreciate any help in how I can fix this!
Thank you!