WordPress Error When Accessing Premium Plugins Using Pro Sites

I am using a test account with my web site that I have given full access to all premium themes and plugins, but when I attempt to access the premium plugins, I get a WordPress error that says "Cheatin’ uh?"
I have no clue as to what that means and any help you can give is greatly appreciated.

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings evensongprod :slight_smile:

    How did you go about "I have given full access to all premium themes and plugins"??

    by extending it or?

    On my test site I cannot recreate your problem but I have it set for a trial when I created the test account.

    Joe :slight_smile:

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi Greg,

    As Joe's mentioned, could you let us know what process you went through to grant full access to the plugins?

    All the details you can provide on this, perhaps even if you could provide screenshots of your settings, will help to get it sorted.


  • Greg Rice
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Okay, does only a super admin have access to premium plugins? When I access the site with my main super admin account, the premium plugins show up, but when I access it using the test account, I get the error in the screen shot.

    I used my PayPal sandbox settings to create the test account in order to test the whole experience, but it looked like even after going through the setup process, I had to manually grant full access.

    If I have to grant access manually to the plugins, that's fine. I'll just have to offer it through the support system. But if you have another solution, I'd love to hear it.

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick


    Just checking if it was eventually resolved in another thread? Or by yourself separately to us? Or by us over email with you? Or using our live support?

    If so, no need to reply, that's great news.

    If not, could you let us know by re-opening this topic, and we'll get onto it and helping you out asap!
    Otherwise, happy days, glad you got it sorted :slight_smile:


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