Wordpress File Redirect

I donno if this gonna be a challenge or what, but I have something that would be interested.

I have manged to move my wp-signup.php file into a page and works perfectly!

But now the only thing that concerns me is that on my site you can go to the page and the /wp-singup.php and sign up.

Now I don't want my visitors to go the the /wp-sinup.php but rather to the page so that I could brand my site further.

If I use a normal redirect <meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0; url=http://example.com/"> It works to move the visitors away from /wp-singup.php.

But now since the page uses the wp-signup.php file that page also redirects :slight_frown:

What I want is a function to put in the wp-signup.php file that tells to redirect only when the url is /wp-signup.php

Any ideas?