wordpress for mobile user


Currently, I am using theme twenty fifteen as my main site and all other site will use spacious pro premium theme. Is there ways to have my wordpress website also to be use in mobile layout format?

Will any-mobile-theme-switcher works, or is there some better than this plugin?


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey CHAD,

    Most themes now are "Respponsive" in design so they adjust to the screen width they are being displayed on. Twenty fifteen is and it looks like Spacious pro is responsive as well, so you shouldn't need a mobile theme at all :slight_smile: the themes you have basically have the mobile design built in.

    For example, this is what the spacious mobile responsive version looks like:

    That design will happen automatically when someone a mobile device visits your site, no need for any other plugins or anything.

    If you are wanting to select a different theme for each type of mobile browser then in that case, yes you could use that plugin and it looks like a good one to use for that purpose.

    Any further questions on that just let us know :slight_smile:


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