Wordpress & Free MarketPress Grid Layout Shortcode how do i add it to homepage?


As i am newbie with wordpress i want to know about using the free "MarketPress Grid Layout Shortcode"

How do i use this shortcode on any front page of a theme?

Is it possible to put a shortcode in a widget?

Is any easy step by step turtorial how to add the short code to a frontpage of a theme? (please on't send me to 10.000 word, on wordpress.org page how to do things as they are very complicated for non technical people like me) or is it any dummy explanations anywhere? like click this and then you click this and so on...

  • DavidM

    Hi Erik,

    I'm going to just link quickly to the wordpress.org codex for an explanation on shortcodes to start with:

    But that said, I'll go through this with you in a few quick steps that I think may help, as it's actually far easier than a lengthy explanation might make it seem.

    Basically, I'm assuming you're referring to the awesome shortcode plugin provided by Nick in the following thread:

    Once you've got that downloaded and installed, you simply add the shortcode [mp_list_products] to any page on your site. Then, you just make that page your front-page, which sort of depends on your theme.

    For the most part, you do that from Settings > Reading, where you set the Page that you included that shortcode on as the static front-page.

    So in summary, it'd go this this typically:
    1. Download and install Nick's shortcode plugin.
    2. Create a page and add the [mp_list_products] shortcode in that page's content.
    3. Go to Settings > Reading and select that page as your front-page.

    Could you let me know how that works for ya?


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