Wordpress Header Bar Displaying Incorrectly on Subscribe Page

I guess you'd have to create an account to see this but... If you go to this page (http://thenormalschool.com/sunrise/index.php/subscribe) and you're logged in, you'll see that the header bar is all kinds of goofy. This is not the case on any of my other pages. Here's a picture: http://i.imgur.com/lIuhTt6.png

What's going on here?

Also, when I do make an account, and I try to subscribe, there's nothing to check where it says there should be something to check.

Thanks in advance for any help.

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Shane,

    No problem, at least we crossed that off the list of possibilities here :slight_smile:

    Taking another look, your permalink structure looks pretty odd for a WordPress site. Do you mind going to Settings > Permalinks and saving pretty permalinks if you haven't already. Something like just post name should do.

    A plugin conflict check is also a great idea - deactivate all plugins(except Membership) and see if the problem still persists.

    If so, check for theme conflicts - temporarily switch to the default 2014 WordPress theme.

    Let me know if the problem is still persisting after that, as this should narrow down the majority of possibilities here.

    Look forward to your reply!


  • Shane

    Pretty permalinks were already activated.

    The plugins weren't the problem.

    After changing the theme, the header bar does go back to normal. What in my theme could be causing this problem, and only on the page with the subscriptionform? The problem with membership isn't entirely solved because user registration is now somehow broken. No matter what I enter, it simply reloads the page and does nothing. I can't create an account.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi there, Shane!

    Tyler's suggestion to re-save your permalinks is a really good one, sometimes switching themes can cause a handful of little glitches, and re-saving permalinks, even if you keep the current structure of them, can often eliminate the issues you're seeing.

    As for your theme, there are lots of possible reasons it may conflict with one of your plugins, or the functionality of your site. There are so many different themes and theme designers out there, it would be impossible to guess the specific issue without knowing the particulars of that theme.

    I actually had this exact same issue with a theme a few months ago, I tried various fixes and work arounds, but ultimately finding a different theme solved all my problems.

    Good luck!

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